1512Upon the deaths of his parents, the owner of this house inherited four older houses on a busy street in a small town, along with a warehouse. Already grieving, he was suddenly responsible for being a landlord, maintaining some old properties, cleaning out a lot of junk, and handling all the tax and utility payments on houses that were not rented out.

He wanted to just sell the properties and invest it in something less time consuming. But to fix up the houses, he’d have to find reputable contractors, get funding, figure out sale pricing in an unfamiliar area, and market the houses, perhaps months later. Meanwhile, he’d be paying to keep the houses up.

He had a job and a family to care for, too. It was too much. He just wanted to sell!

Sound familiar? Have you or a family member been there or done that? Actually, we have been in this position ourselves!

Through a stroke of luck, his real estate agent ran into a real estate redevelopment professional like us. When they explained how they help people with less-than-perfect properties, she asked them to take a look at the properties, warning the redevelopers that at least one of the houses smelled really bad, and one was perhaps collapsing.

But that was okay. The redevelopers were happy to quickly take the problem properties off the hands off the man who inherited them, knowing that they had the resources to take care of all those daunting tasks required to make those houses into homes again.

Call us if you’d like us to do that for YOU. Or give our information to friends or relatives who are overwhelmed with inherited headaches. 512-877-8077!