by Lee Bruns, Hermit Haus Redevelopment

Every house we buy tells a story about the people who lived there. Those stories are what matter to me.

Unfortunately, most of the stories I get to hear are sad, what Rickie Lee Jones described as the “jazz side of life.” Even so, I love those stories. They are what brought me out of retirement to try to do good in the world—both for the people I and my fellow hermits work with and the houses we buy.

As we progress in this mission, we will share some of those stories on this blog. I hope they inspire people to reach out to us to share their stories with us. Even if we don’t buy your house, we’re here to offer encouragement and to help you find the right solution to your real estate problems.

I guarantee that we’ve heard enough stories to help you find a solution. Sometimes that solution is for us to buy your house. Sometimes we know someone else who can help you. Every story is different, but I truly believe there is a solution for every problem where everyone benefits.

hermit_heart Whether or not we buy your house, we are always willing to listen and to help. We don’t charge anything for listening or for advice, but we can pay cash if we buy your house.

As you can tell, I’m not a typical real estate investor. I care about people. Yes, I make money buying, renovating, and selling houses. Yes, I don’t pay top dollar for the houses I buy, but I buy houses that you can’t sell on the regular market. I only want to buy your house if you think that what I offer makes your life better.

You see, heart—understanding and helping people—is what makes this business worth doing; money just makes it possible.