The house in the photo that goes with this post is the oldest building in a small Texas town. Its owners didn’t know what to do with it. It sat sad and vacant for many years until someone bought it and decided to give it a new life. This old house will soon open up as a coffee house and venue for music, something the town really needed. It just took a bit of creativity.

Sometimes we all need another perspective on our housing issues. You could have a house that’s in need of a lot of repairs that you just don’t have the time or funds to do, but you need to sell. You may have rental properties you just don’t want to deal with anymore, and they are a mess.

Houses like this can be hard to sell in today’s market, where so many people turn their homes into showpieces before putting them on the market. Sometimes real estate professionals just don’t want to bother with “problem properties,” because they are more trouble than they are worth, especially if they won’t make much commission.

We have a creative team who can help you get out from under a problem property and move on to think about things that matter to you more. We look at very old houses like the one in the picture, and many other kinds of properties that aren’t traditionally viable.

We really appreciate your interest in our business, and encourage you to refer anyone you know who needs some help with a less-than-perfect property to us.