Who wouldn’t love these precious kitties? Some buyers. Sigh.

Pets are like family, aren’t they? I know I fall into the illusion that everyone loves my cattle dog, even though he barks fiercely at strangers and has a tendency to use cow pies as perfume dispensers.

I hate to bring this up, but not everyone loves our fluffy friends as much as we do. For example, my husband can’t even go into a house to evaluate it for purchase if there have been cats in it, due to severe allergies (he actually likes them, just not their dander). I have a friend who is deathly afraid of my sweet, friendly horse. You just never know.

Of course, this is a minor annoyance, unless you are trying to sell your house. Will agents refuse to visit if your large dogs are at the house? Are you unable to keep the hair vacuumed for repeated showings? And that litter box odor! You don’t smell it, but others do. Yep, having pets can put you at a big disadvantage in selling a house. What are you supposed to do with them?

While there are many creative solutions, they all seem to involve a lot of your precious time or money. A house might sell eventually even if with the pet issues. But you’ll keep having to make the mortgage and utility payments while you wait. Or motivated people can board pets and have the house professionally cleaned. That costs big bucks.

Another option would be to contact us, and let us buy the house and take care of the cleaning later, while your pets don’t get disrupted or uprooted until you move, on your own timetable. Considering the amount of time and effort it would take you otherwise, our offer may actually work out for the best for you.

It can’t hurt to find out, can it? Give us a call. Most of us are NOT allergic to your menagerie!

Thanks to our cattle dog Brody for posing, and to Lorena of HaldeCraft for letting me share her sweet kitties with you.