Today we have another story of the kind of situation we can help with. Here’s a really cute older house in a small town. It has interesting windows, a big wrap-around porch, and huge shade trees.

A couple bought it and began to renovate it, one room at a time. Right now it has been converted to the popular “open concept” design, thanks to tearing down a couple of walls, and has a lovely new master bathroom, for example.

The people had planned to live there for a while, so some of the changes were rather personal. For example, to make the big new bathroom, a bedroom lost its closet. Their plan was to use it as an office, so they wouldn’t miss the closet. However…

…things happen. A new job appeared on the horizon, and suddenly the family had to move and move fast. The house was only half renovated, and that office now couldn’t be marketed as a bedroom to attract families to buy it. But they needed the money out of the house so they could find a place to live in their new town.

What did they do? They contacted our team. We were happy to buy the house just as it was. We will take care of marketing it to someone who wants to finish the renovation, or renovate it ourselves. The important thing is, this couple no longer has to worry about their project house!

If you or someone you know is in a similar jam, give us a call!