This time of year can be really hard for a lot of people. Do you get presents for your kids or grandkids, or make the mortgage payment? Do you spend your holiday time and money renovating your house to get a few more dollars when you sell it? Is it hard to focus on love and togetherness, because your mind is on a property that you just don’t want to deal with anymore?

It’s happened to so many people! But, don’t let the housing blues turn into a blue holiday time for your family. We will be happy to buy that house just as it is, saving you the time and money of upgrading. Or we can work out a solution to get out of your mortgage without putting a repossession on your record…whatever your unique issue is, we’d be happy to talk it over with you and figure out a plan.

Even if your house is as sad as the one in the picture, which is currently for sale by owner…and has been for a while…we would like to help you find the joy again, or at least lay out your options.

And yes, you CAN sell a house in December. I know, I bought one then once.