We were talking to a former real estate client this week, and found out that they had bought a new home that they really loved. We were happy for them until we realized that they had not sold their previous house yet! They were making two house payments, which was definitely cramping their holiday budget. They had put their old house up for rent, but it had been sitting there, un-rented, for three months. Whoops.

This is a familiar scenario. You live in a house that doesn’t meet your needs and find another one, but don’t have the means to get your old house in good enough shape to sell at retail prices. And in some markets and neighborhoods, it’s hard to find renters to cover your expenses. After a few months of continuing to pay for the utilities, taxes, insurance, and mortgage, it becomes very clear that you actually would have made more money (or lost less money) if you’d taken the lower offer from a team who buys houses below retail.

The reason we offer below retail is that we will take the time and money to fix houses up to retail standards, which many of our clients can’t do. If you are in a situation like this, call us now, before you make months and months of mortgage payments on a house you can’t sell or even find renters for. (512) 807-8777 – we’re ready to chat!