Sometimes there is just too much going on, and it feels like it ONE more thing happens, or there’s one more detail to deal with…you’re just going to hide under a blanket. I’m having one of those days today, how about you?

Of course, hiding under a blanket doesn’t make things better. Stuff will just pile up on top of our blankets. Not a fun thought.

Trying to sell a “problem” house can make you want to hide under a blanket. The details can easily overwhelm anyone. There are repairs to make, liens to get rid of, payments to make that you can’t quite cover. Whew.

At some point, if your list of future expenses and to-do items gets so long that you realize you’d make more money just selling the house for cash at less than retail…let us know. The fact that we can buy your house quickly without the need for inspections, fees, forms, and other hassles could just make you peek out and see there is still a world outside of your blanket. Try it!