It’s the beginning of January, but when we walked into the back yard of a house we recently bought from an estate, a lovely aroma enticed us…and there we found dozens of beautiful paperwhite narcissus blooming, obviously planted many years ago by the devoted gardener who once lived there. What a great surprise to see her legacy living on.

I had my first baby around this time of year, and my employer sent me a huge planter of these flowers. The sweet smell of my newly discovered treasures took me back over a quarter of a century. Ah.

When we move on from a house, we can leave pleasant surprises for the future, too. I know new children who will live in the house I am now selling will be very surprised at the huge acorns on the burr oak tree.

One of the things our team can do to ease your mind is clean up the garden, yard, and trees to make the house ready to surprise others, without YOU having to delay selling by months as you get the exterior ready, or worse, spend money that you won’t get back on these cosmetic improvements. Leave that to us!

512-807-8777 will get you a surprisingly pleasant voice at the end of the line, too.