This weekend it got really cold where our team is headquartered. Out at our country house, we had four friends who had to deal with burst water pipes over the weekend, and these are folks who did their best to prepare for the cold snap! Thank goodness most of this happened on Saturday, when the hardware stores were open and stocked up on repair materials.

At our country house, the heating system (just a year old) in our upstairs decided to stop working on the coldest night in 6 years. We were glad we’d insulated the house well, and could wait to fix it until this week.

And at the same time, the front area of the house where two of us are living in Austin suddenly became very damp. There was water all around the brand new drainage system that had only been there since November. Sigh. Someone had pulled their car too far forward and broken a pipe. Luckily, our contractor was available, and came out on Sunday to fit the pipe and build a barrier to prevent further damage, which you can see in the picture.

Not everyone is so lucky. Sometimes things break and there isn’t money in the budget to fix it. In an older house, it can seem like every month or so there’s another repair that has to be made. That really adds up, and you can’t predict when it will happen.

Unfortunately, some of us have to wait and wait to fix things, which leads to the dreaded “deferred maintenance.” When it comes time to sell a house, fixing all those broken things can take both a lot of time and a lot of money.

If you are sick and tired of making unpredictable repairs on a house or have waited to fix so many things that it’s discouraging your prospects of a full-price retail sale, remember we are here. We can buy your house as it is, and YOU won’t have to find repair people, negotiate deals, and wait until the repairs can be done.

Call us now, or give our number to someone you know who’s in this situation. Banish those repair woes from your life! 512-807-9777.