Sure, for decades, the American dream has been to own a big, beautiful house in the suburbs. But, is that always the right way to go?

For some of us, home ownership can be a real burden. The taxes, Home Owner Association fees, big utility bills, and large mortgage payments can weigh us down. Owning a home far from where you work can also lead to additional transportation costs–gas, car payments, and repairs, etc.

For people who move often, rentals can also be a better idea, since it means not paying all those fees that are incurred when buying a house.

And then, what a pain it can be to sell. It can take hours, hours, and more hours to get a house ready to sell for top dollar (see my house above…hours and hours). If home ownership really is NOT for you, and you do not have the time or funds to make a house “move-in ready,” we are happy to talk to you about other options. Call us at 512-807-8777!