We know that not everyone who visits our site has a house they would like to sell that fits in with our model. Sometimes, it’s the, um, neighbors.

I’ve been there, myself. My parents lived in a nice, clean suburb in south Florida. My dad’s yard looked like he’d personally trimmed each blade of grass, and the pool never had a leaf in it. But, next door there was a woman who had some challenges, and the forest of rubber trees she planted in her back yard led to a nice swamp rat infestation for our poor dog to deal with. And delivery people reported that her entire home was filled with every piece of paper that had ever come into it. She screamed at small children, and at some point ended up sleeping in her car.

My parents would have given anything to have someone help the poor neighbor out, buy the eyesore, and help her get into a safe, supervised dwelling place. But they didn’t know anyone who would be patient and persistent enough to deal with the neighbor.

Some of us may be living near people who can’t take care of their homes, but don’t know what to do about it…due to illness, lack of money, or age-related problems. We would be privileged to talk to people in these kinds of situations and see if any of our solutions would help them out.

Of course, we could call out of the blue or walk on in and offer our services up. But it would be even better if a neighbor suggested they call us (or, if you live elsewhere, someone you trust who buys “sad” houses). We want the people we work with to know we are trustworthy and have their interests at heart (while still wanting to make some money, of course), so if you know someone who could use our services, we would truly appreciate a referral. 512-807-8777—and thanks!