The picture you see here is an aerial shot of a family farm in southeast Texas. The property has been in the family since they fled Kaiser Wilhelm in the 1800s. Times have changed a lot since this photo was taken, though.

Just like with many families, there weren’t many heirs who wanted to care for the property. It got broken up in half, and one son sold his portion to new people when he couldn’t care for it. The other half, well, a descendant of the original German immigrants still owns it, but another relative cares for it.

All over the countryside where we live, there are once-sturdy houses falling into disrepair. As I drive through Milam County, Texas, where I live part-time now, I see some amazing homes that I wish I could return to their former happy days.

The good news is that the old farmstead in the photo here is still in good condition and still producing corn and cattle. That’s because rather than abandoning the homestead when the patriarch passed away, someone new, with the energy to maintain and care for the property bought it and is maintaining it properly.

Do you, or someone you know, own a house that no one is able to care for, but deserves a chance to live on as a cherished home where a new family can make memories? Give us a call at 512-807-8777, or if  you would prefer, email us at, and we will see what we can do to help.