I read on Facebook last week about how a someone I know spent every weekend for the last many months hauling stuff off her late parents’ farm, just so it could be livable again. They apparently even had to level two houses. My next-door neighbor has a similar issue where he lives. Two previous generations’ worth of accumulated family “save for later” items had made his back yard unsafe for his small children. There is now a pile of stuff for the annual large item pickup day that may require its own garbage truck. Now, this is a guy who genuinely has a knack for turning trash into treasure, but even he has limits!

Luckily, neither of these folks has any pressing need to immediately vacate their premises. I can imagine the thought of quickly clearing out a property like the one in the photo so you could sell it could really be overwhelming. The expense definitely would cut into any profit you’d make selling your house, assuming you could get it into shape to sell it retail through a real estate agent.

No doubt many of us know someone who would fall into that situation (judging from the number of such houses I see in my daily cruisings of neighborhoods in Austin, Temple, Taylor, etc.

You know what would be a real favor to anyone you know who has a house with a lot of accumulated items around it? You could let them know that companies like Hermit Haus Redevelopment are willing to take on those projects, so they can walk away, maybe even with cash in their pockets.

We’re always standing by at 512-807-8777. Thanks to all who have called or sent us messages on our Facebook page! It’s great to meet new people and see if we can work together.

PS: Just after I originally posted this, a friend pointed out this really good article on how to deal with your parents’ possessions, and most important, how to plan ahead to deal with your own “stuff,” knowing that today’s young people may not be interested in your items (unlike me…I’m still toting around my mother’s furniture and using it daily). Please check the article out for some great ideas.