by Sue Ann Kendall

Hey, did you know that most of our business is based on referrals we get from people we know or social media contacts? Another source is blog readers! Maybe one of the stories we share reminds you of someone you know. It’s definitely true for me, since nearly all the scenarios I write about on this blog have happened to me or people I’ve run across during my years of buying and selling houses.

If you know someone who would really like to get away from the burden of home ownership, quickly, and without a lot of hassle, go ahead and give them our number (512-807-8777), the link to this blog, or the link to our Facebook page. If they are in our area, we’ll do what we can to work with them. And even if they aren’t in Central Texas, we are connected to a network of others with similar ethics and high standards, so we will pass on a referral.

Contact us, too, if you might like to be a member of our team who looks for “sad houses” we could help out with. We will tell you all about it.