Recently, one of us went to meet with a couple to see if their property was one we could buy from them, and whether we could help them with an easement issue. After talking about how to deal with the easement, they seemed really anxious to sell us their house. But, when we looked at the well-maintained property, we had to tell them that no, their house didn’t fit in with what we do. It’s not a sad house; it’s a house that could be sold on the MLS for a good price.

Luckily, our team member also has a business as a real estate agent, so she could take them on as a retail client. That’s good for her, but where does it leave Hermit Haus? Well, they just happened to know of another property, right next door, owned by a sister who just needs to stop having to deal with it. That works for us!

So remember, you may not need our services, but we will still talk to you to be sure, and we are happy to hear about any of your friends or family who needs help with a problem house.

Enjoy the spring and the flowers (those in the picture are Texas mountain laurels, which are blooming right now)! Call if you need us: 512-807-8777.