If you’ve been having some trouble with your house, people somehow find out about it. You start to get lots and lots of letters and postcards in the mail. Some of them even contain offers to buy your house for a certain price. At Hermit Haus, we sometimes send out postcards to let folks know we are available to help them sell their house, if they choose to do so.

What do you do with these letters? Do you just toss them? If you decide you might be interested in selling your house, how do you decide which company to use?

We suggest you check out their website, to see what their goals are. Do they tell you anything about themselves, or do they just repeat the information in the letters you receive? Make sure you are comfortable with the goals and ideals of the people you want to work with.

Our team is always upfront with you, and we will not pressure you to sell us your house unless the deal really works for both of us. There are plenty of other companies around North America with similar ideals and principles. Take the time to find out who you’ll be working with.