We were recently looking at a house we were considering purchasing. People were living there, so of course there were many personal items, including perhaps the biggest high school homecoming mum (it’s a Texas thing) I ever saw. And I’ve seen some BIG ones. But, what charmed me was when I walked into the garage and saw that someone had installed a little niche and inserted some young person’s model of the Alamo in it. You know there was a lot of love in that house.

Honestly, every house has its special charms, even when it’s really hard to see. Sometimes the charm is hidden by landscaping that’s become too hard to maintain, or storm damage that wasn’t covered by insurance. Sometimes the house is just great, but the people living there have had a change in circumstances and just can’t keep up with the mortgage or utilities.

We would like to help keep houses special and bring out their beauty, when we can do it and we can offer an option that works for the owners. We know a lot of ways to work with home owners who are unable to keep up with the special features of a property.

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