There are so many reasons that people contact us for help selling a house. One that recently came up is the long-distance home owner. Are you in this situation?

We heard through a friend of someone who’d moved to Florida a couple of years ago, but hadn’t had time to fix up their house to sell it. Instead, they rented the house out to some personal friends, hoping to sell the house later.

Recently they put the house on the market, knowing the friends would be moving out soon. The real estate agent took one look at the house and called us, rather than her usual list of retail buyers in that area. Why? Well, while the landlord is away, the tenants will play.

The house had continued to deteriorate in the owner’s absence. The owner had no idea that, rather than one allowed cat, there were now three cats and a dog in the house (as anyone with a nose could tell). Doorknobs had fallen off, holes were in the walls, and the aluminum foil in the windows would make any buyer worry about electricity bills.

Plus, the renters hung around while the house was being shown. It makes it hard for potential buyers to feel free to talk to the agent when folks are lurking around, or the charming child is telling them cute stories! There was absolutely nothing about the house that screamed “buy me” for someone looking for a move-in ready house.

However, we could see past all that and notice that all the rooms were huge, the neighborhood was fantastic, and that with new paint and flooring, the house could be as nice as its neighbors. Obviously the long-distance owner would be unable to supervise the needed repairs, but we could. It’s in the owner’s best interest to sell the house to someone like us, and let our local resources deal with the problems. In the long run, the savings on time, stress, and worry would make it worth the lower sales price.

If you know anyone who would like to unburden themselves of a house far from where they live, but somewhere in central Texas, near us, please put them in touch with us! 512-807-8777.