We were talking to a friend about the house he was living in. The phrase he used was, “I feel like I’m imprisoned here!” He wanted to sell his house, but he didn’t have the money to fix it up to sell it. And he was surrounded by decades of accumulated things. How was he supposed to find the time to pack them up and sort through them?

We’ve all probably known someone who felt stuck in a prison, with no way out of a problem property. Now, in the photo above, the jail actually WAS a house! The Milam County, Texas Jail actually had living quarters for the jailer and his family on the first floor, while the cells were on the upper floors. Everyone wants a house with a convenient hanging loop at the top, just in case you need it…well, maybe not. But the arrangement worked for them.

In today’s world, though, people want to be free to do what they need to do, and not feel trapped in a house they no longer want to live in, or can no longer afford to live in. All the details can really feel overwhelming, though, and it helps to have someone to help you make a plan.

For the friend mentioned above, we suggested that, if we bought the house at a discounted price, we’d pay to move his things into a storage unit, where he could sort through them at his own pace. And we would take care of the repairs needed to sell the house to someone who wanted a “move-in ready” property. We were willing to be his “get out of jail” card! And we can talk about that possibility for you, a friend, or a family member. 512-807-8777.