It’s well known that the colors surrounding yourself can affect our moods and our productivity. That’s why they paint fast-food restaurants different colors from doctors’ offices. In one place they want you to eat quickly, and in the other place they want you to stay calm and feel safe.

The colors in our homes also affect our moods, and much more. People like calm blue in bedrooms, for example.

Did you know that color can make a huge difference in how quickly a house sells, and for how much? It really does!

Most people decorate houses with what makes them happy or what made them happy in the past. That’s fine while you live there, but consider these factors if you are trying to sell:

  • You may enjoy your walls in bright red and green that make you feel good, but buyers might think “Christmas All Year! Ick!” Strong colors, intense combinations, or a different color on every surface will not be desirable features.
  • You have stenciling all over the walls and an undersea mural in the bathroom. Unless these were done by professionals, subtly, many people will flee. So, be prepared to take lots of photos, then remove these, so that buyers can imagine their own taste in the rooms.
  • You had wonderful “faux” finishes done in many rooms, and the others have expensive wallpaper of beautiful flowers. Well, that was trendy 20 years ago. Today people say it makes them think of their grandmother (I know; it happened to me.). The good news is that wallpaper is coming back, but it’s more geometrics that are popular.
  • And, don’t look up. The popcorn ceilings that were so in style a decade or two ago now make dainty ladies say, “ICK!” Sigh.
  • You repainted last year, with “pops of color” in accent walls. Hey, that’s what I’m doing in my own house! Read about it here! No matter what on-trend color you choose, a good portion of buyers won’t like it.

Well, darn. What do you do? Most of us in the home renovation business paint houses for resale in very neutral colors, such as grays, tans, and whites. We add color in staging accessories. The buyers can go in and repaint to their taste, but won’t feel compelled to do so immediately.

Do you have the time or inclination to strip wallpaper, remove popcorn ceilings, move all your furniture, and repaint in “soothing gray and sparking white?” We can help with that. We don’t care what color or style you decorate in! We will buy your house in its current condition, renovate it ourselves, and allow you to move on to your next colorful adventure without having to smell all those fumes or deal with the rehabbing delays.

Call us at 512-807-8777 and be the creator of your own color schemes in your world.