Yesterday I went on a fun outing with two of my friends. We saw many fascinating things in rural Texas, including a giant tin armadillo. Everyone needs friends and helpers on their adventures, right?

We need friends in both the good times and the challenging times. I’m sure you’ve read  how we are willing to help people having challenges. But, how about you?

We can’t find people who are having housing difficulties without help. It’s not something people tend to announce in social media: “Hey! We are about to be foreclosed on!” “Feeling sad: we can’t figure out how to sell mom’s house now that she’s passed away [sad face]” “Hi friends! Did you know I have every newspaper published since 1983? It’s making it hard to get my house ready to sell, but I have to move next month [oh no face]”

That’s why we need you to be a friend to your own family and friends who are struggling with no time to remodel their house, imminent foreclosure, or looming deadlines with no time to do the work needed. Please do them a favor and put them in touch with us (or someone like us, if you’re not in central Texas–we can refer you). We promise to help your friends find a solution. We can buy their house, advise them on other options, or just listen.

Your friends at Hermit Haus are at 512-807-8777.