A lot of us think about repairs that are needed as soon as we begin thinking of selling a house. I’ve shown some examples before of how this can backfire on a homeowner. I was thinking about it again this weekend when we were looking at some of the houses we recently bought to re-sell or use as rentals.

The first article I wrote talked about trying to make “good” repairs but not really making ones that increase value. The other kind of “upgrade” I see often is a stop-gap measure that just draws attention to a problem area of the house. The photo that goes with this post is a perfect example. There was a hole in the screen in the kitchen window. How better to repair it than to simply insert a washcloth into the hole? That works until you need to sell the house. Probably better to patch or replace that screen.

I’ve seen all sorts of electrical “fixes,” odd things inserted into toilet tanks to keep them flushing, paint jobs where the owner just covered a messy spot, but didn’t paint the rest of the wall “Well, it’s all white, isn’t it?”

Remember, if you want t sell a house, it’s going to get inspected. You’ll most likely need to really fix those problem areas. If this really sounds like it will take too much time or effort, consider talking to us about buying your house in it’s current condition, as-is! We’ll buy a house no matter how you fix the screen. After all, we bought the one in the picture. 512-807-8777.