We heard recently that people are having trouble finding us because they search for “hermit house” instead of “hermit haus.” We wondered how to fix that. A search for the term “hermit house” in Google takes you to some articles on extremely cute and charming hermit houses in the Netherlands. They could not be cuter, but they are not us, either! The image for this post is borrowed from their site. So cute! So not us!

So, to help, we got the only domain we could find that was free: hermithouse.biz. Sadly, the .com version is taken by someone who wants $5,000 for the domain. We really don’t have that much lying around, and if we did, we’d be using it to renovate houses.

It will assist others in finding us if that site showed up in searches along with our friends in Europe. So, we need some folks to go to that site. Just click the link and check out the nice photo of the Lakeland house deck, then go on with your life, knowing that you’ve helped the hermits help others. Thanks. You’re great.