Have you heard this before? I’m sure you have. Most of us have felt like we were between a rock and a hard place at some point in our lives. It’s not a good feeling. You feel immobilized, frozen, unable to make the simplest of decisions.

We had a friend who used these exact words to describe his situation with a house he owned. He needed to sell it to get money to use for a family problem. But to sell it, he needed money and time to clean up years of accumulated clutter, paint, and get rid of ancient and grimy floor coverings. All his money was being used for the family situation! He felt like none of his options would let him move forward.

He ended up able to get enough money from his house to quickly meet his immediate needs, without having to expend his own money to repair the house. A team in a business like ours was able to help him see that he did have options.

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