Curb appeal is the idea that people will be much more liable to take a look at your house for sale if it looks good from the outside. If the house looks like the one in the picture, it could be pristine on the inside, but many buyers would never even pull into the driveway.

A friend of mine shared a link from with lots of great ideas for fixing up a house for maximum curb appeal. There are many fun things to do, such as adding grass (and mowing it), installing plantings of flowers, and putting in accent lighting. The article also points out that you will NOT get your money back if you’re landscaping just to sell. Hmm.

If this sounds like too much work for the amount of return you’ll get, but you know your curb appeal leaves something to be desired, feel free to contact us. We can take care of it, since we have teams that specialize in cleaning up problem houses. And you won’t get the blisters and sunburn that gardening can lead to…not to mention the mosquito bites or chiggers!

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