As a trainer, I’ve long had misgivings about that “… for Dummies” books. I don’t teach dummies and I don’t let my students try to frame their abilities that way. I realize these authors and publishers are just trying to make the content seem more accessible to beginners, but if knowledge eliminates ignorance, and the books are for dummies, then aren’t they implying that they will fail to do what the book is supposed to do? I find it insulting, and I never even look at those books.

By the same token, those investor groups who gleefully advertise, “We Buy Ugly Houses” are, in my opinion, insulting the very audience they should be trying to appeal to. Again, I realize that they’re trying to lower the stress around selling a house if one needs to, but nobody thinks their own house is ugly. By advertising that way, those investors are automatically turning off the very people who need exactly the service they could provide.

We don’t buy ugly houses and we don’t want people to think of their homes that way.  If you or someone you know is in a position where they need to get out from under the burden of a house they can’t afford to maintain, you know they have other problems weighing on them as well. Let them know that we are here to help.