Friends and neighbors. What would we do without them? They are the people who hold us up when we are down, pitch in when we need a hand, and are always there to listen. Are you there for your friends/

Sometimes we say, “Let me know if there’s anything you need,” knowing that our friend probably won’t reach out. Other times we hear or sense that something’s going on. Do we offer help, or just hope someone else takes care of it?

If your friend or neighbor tells you they are struggling to keep from falling into a deep well of debt, is worried about how to deal with a house their parents left them, or needs to move quickly from a house that’s in no shape to sell…how are you going to be there for them? If you can just sense that’s something’s not right…are you going to ask what’s up and offer ideas?

We hope you’ll be there for your friends and neighbors, as you’d like them to support you when you need it. You can share some of the information you’ve learned on this blog about options, fixing up homes, and not giving up.

Most important, though, is that you can put struggling friends and family in touch with us. We are a neutral party, willing to listen and propose solutions to housing difficulties. If your loved ones aren’t comfortable talking to you, maybe it will be easier to talk to us.

Encourage them to look over our past blogs, visit our Facebook page and send us a message, or give us a call at 512-807-8777.