Whoa! Sara here is riding her horse bareback, with none of the helpful tools she needs, like her saddle pad, saddle, stirrups, bridle, and guidance stick. And there are storm clouds on the horizon. She’s holding on as well as she can, but she reported, “This is harder than it looks!”

Figuring out your options when you have a “problem property” can be very much like this. You lack the usual helpful tools that you have when selling a more traditional property. Sometimes the house isn’t your own home, but you inherited it, and it’s not even nearby. Sometimes you are dealing with financial hardship so you can’t do all those fix-ups they do on television to get “top dollar” and you certainly don’t have handsome Property Brothers to advise you. Yow! You feel like you are just about to fall off and hit the ground hard!

We can serve as your saddle, though. We have lots of experience in dealing with complicated housing situations, and it’s our privilege to help out (and make money, don’t let us kid you–saddles aren’t free). If you own a house in the greater Austin area, we can buy it for you, so you don’t have to work long-distance to fix it up to sell, for example.

Give us a call! We’re not horsing around! 512-807-8777.