Mrs. Chicken here is not running around like her head is cut off!* She sees the path she needs to follow to get to that hen house, and is taking the steps to get there. Smart chicken.

Even if you feel lost about what to do about your current housing situation, you also need to keep your head and find the right path to take. Granted, Mrs. Chicken can see her path clearly. Housing issues aren’t always so clear-cut.

Let your hen-loving friends at Hermit Haus clarify whatever issues you are having. We have experience with foreclosures, inherited property, houses in need of repair, and many more situations that can be really confusing if you’ve never dealt with them before.

And if  you’re fine, but someone you know could use some help finding the path to housing happiness, give them our number! 512-877-8077.

*She’s not going to lose her head, even though she is technically a meat chicken. She’s a good layer!