You’ve probably seen those signs on the side of the road saying, “We buy houses,” in a variety of configurations. There is a big group out there who pays for huge ones. We aren’t those people. But we do have a sign!

This is not a “bandit” sign (that’s what they call those signs on the side of the road that aren’t really supposed to be there). It’s the sign we are going to put outside our office, so folks in the town where we are located will know who’s in there and what we do.

It says “Sue Ann” because apparently people like and trust women with two names (and Sue Ann, your blogger here, really IS trustworthy). But it’s really a whole team of people who are interested in helping you out if you need to sell a house and it’s not in great shape, or if you are in a hurry to sell.

Our real people include Sue Ann, Lee, Carol, Russell, Anita, and Mandi. And our team also includes the contractors, lenders, bankers, wholesalers, and real estate professionals we rely on when working with our clients.

Call, or drop by our office next time you are in Cameron, Texas during working hours!