Have you wondered who these Hermits are that buy houses? Well, here we are! Here’s what each of us do for you (from left to right):

Russell is the one who sets up our websites, meets with potential investment partners, and writes some of our blog posts, like the one on bugs yesterday. He has lots of experience with rental homes and renovating sad houses.

Carol is the team member who answers the phone when you dial 512-807-8777. She helps our clients figure out what’s best to do with their houses, and has lots of knowledge of options, no matter what your situation.

Sue Ann writes most of the posts for this blog, maintains our Facebook page, and answers web queries. She’s lived in sad houses, and loves to make them happier.

Lee is our money guy. He’s the one who helps you figure out financing issues, gets money to buy your house from you, and shares his years of experience buying and selling properties all over Texas.

Now that you know who we are, let us know how we can help you! 512-807-8777.