There are so many reasons that people contact us and ask us to buy their problem property. One reason is simply this: peace.

The house we closed on yesterday was owned by someone who is very capable of fixing up the place for sale–he’s been a carpenter and general contractor for decades. He even shared with us his plans for renovating the house.

However, he realized that until he was finished, he would have to deal with the ten heirs of the property telling him what to do and not to do, and of course disagreeing on the best course of action. He envisioned the process dragging on and on.

Rather than add that stress while he was already grieving the loss of his 91-year-old father, he sold the house to investors and divided the profits, even though the house would have sold for more if he’d updated it. He figured the time and emotional toll wasn’t worth a few thousand dollars.

Remember this story if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, or perhaps someone in your circle of friends is having these issues. It must be common, since this is the third “inheritance issue” property we’ve acquired in the past couple of years!

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