This is my Arabian/Paint horse, Apache. He is peeking out from the barn, making sure the coast is clear. He is really NOT fond of the unknown (which is true of most horses). Today he was quite intimidated by a strange object we encountered in one of our pastures.

This is one scary piece of equipment right in the middle of the pasture!

When confronted with strange things that he doesn’t understand, such as this piece of farm equipment, Apache first freezes, then does his best to run away, as fast as he can. Can any of us identify with that?

For many people, trying to sell a house is intimidating. And if we are needing to sell a property with a lien, in danger of foreclosure, in a big old mess, or in a complex ownership situation, we tend to freeze up and do nothing, or just try to get away as fast as possible.

Well, when Apache freezes or tries to run off, I quickly get his attention, turn him around, reassure him, and start showing him that the thing isn’t going to hurt him. Today, he ended up touching, sniffing, and even trying to chew on the farm equipment.

When you or someone you know wants to flee a situation, it helps to have someone with more experience show you how to make the issue easier to deal with, by education, help, and of course, listening. We are here to keep you from panicking. Look how well we do with horses!