Sometimes when you have to move, especially if you have to move quickly for a job transfer or some other uncontrollable event, it can feel like you’re not just moving your household. It can feel like you’re moving a whole city.

We recently signed a contract to help a couple in San Antonio deal with a sudden job change. Normally, you’d think a big promotion would be a good thing. But when it requires you to upend your family and move to a completely new city–a city where you don’t have any family or friends, no social network of any kind–it can be traumatic. The house we’re calling Meadow2 is such a situation.

One spouse is being promoted to a well-paying managerial position in another city. She is excited about the extra income, but the company didn’t give her a lot of time to make the move. The company did offer to buy the house, but they didn’t make it easy for her. I’m not sure what all the hoops she had to jump through were, but she said they seemed insurmountable. She was afraid she’d have to pass up the promotion until she saw us working to remodel the house across the street.

The other spouse is self-employed, a technical sort who can rebuild his customer base just about anywhere. He was happy to support his spouse in advancing her career, but he didn’t know how to help her sell their house.

When they first contacted Frank, our San Antonio project manager, it was obviously a win for everybody. We were able to make them a cash offer that met their needs and close quickly enough for them to be able to move directly into a new house in their new city.

We hope you never need to contact us. But please think of us any time you find yourself in a bind because of real estate. Even if we don’t buy your house ourselves, we’ll be happy to talk out your options with you. We really do want to help you find the best solution for your needs.