It feels good to help out your local community, and one way we help is to find housing options for folks who have trouble. One way we help is to assist with selling a problem house. There is also the possibility of the seller financing options we’ve talked about before, which can help people who can’t get traditional mortgages buy homes.

Right now, we have two houses in Cameron, Texas that we would be interested in selling this way. Both have been very recently renovated, and are historic homes near the town’s many amenities. Interested, give us a call at our Cameron office: (254) 760-4411. Mandi or Lee will be happy to chat with you and explain the options.

We will soon have another couple of houses in other towns available, so feel free to call and ask what else we may have available! It really makes us feel good to be able to help our neighbors.

This one is three bedrooms and one bath. Has a covered carport and utility room.