You really never know what new challenges life will bring. These days many of us, our friends, or our family members are living very precariously when it comes to finances. And when we suddenly can’t make our house payments…boom…the possibility of foreclosure looms ahead.

Here are some examples taken just from people I know:

  • Your family is riding in the car one moment, and the next, someone with no insurance has veered into your lane and you crash. This leaves everyone with hospital bills, plus both parents unable to work for a couple of months. There are no savings to cover utilities and house payments, much less a new car to get to work later.
  • You’ve just gotten through a painful divorce and managed to get a small house for you and your children. While taking a shower, you discover a lump in your breast. You lost your insurance in the divorce. While you are weak and dealing with chemo, the bill collectors start to call. You have to choose to pay them or the house payment.
  • You go to work one day, only to be called into a big meeting. There’s been a restructuring, and your middle management job no longer exists. It takes a while to find a new position in your field. You can’t pay all your bills during the months it’s taking to find new income.

Yep, this kind of thing can happen to anyone. People who are dealing with foreclosure aren’t deadbeats. Most of the time they are good people who happen to have hit upon some rough financial times.

If this is happening to you or someone you know, give us a call BEFORE you house goes into foreclosure! We can often arrange to take over the payments and get you out of the house with a little money to start over, and most important, no stain on your credit report.

Every foreclosure is different, so the options will vary. Let us know if you’d like some help. 512-807-8777.

Photo ©2017 Amy Dark.