We’re all interconnected here on the Internet. Our company has Facebook pages, a presence on LinkedIn, websites, etc. All of these are ways to reach out to people we can potentially help or work with. It’s a lot of work to blog, post, and update (but sort of fun, don’t let me kid you).

The good news is that the work pays off! Just this weekend two of my long-time friends reached out to us with questions about how we could help them achieve their goals with respect to their properties or future properties. Would they have known I was in this business if it weren’t for our social media presence? No! That’s why we keep reaching out, to remind people of what we do, and to help others find us.

You Can Help

That’s right, our blog readers are an important aspect of our outreach. You may not have any immediate need for a real estate redevelopment company, or for someone to buy your house for cash in a hurry. But, maybe someone you know is struggling and they don’t want to just call some random person on a We Buy Houses sign. You can help them out by providing them with a link to our website or giving them our number (512-807-8777).

It feels good to know who you are dealing with when you are confused and worried. Talk to us!