Sometimes when things don’t go the way we’ve planned, we think we’ve failed. I know a lot of people who sit around and stew about mistakes they’ve made, goals they didn’t make, and success that eluded them.

Heck, I used to be that person. I spent a few years really beating myself up for a “failed” marriage and a “failed” career that I’d treasured. What did that get me? Nothing.

I finally turned things around by looking hard at what I’d gotten out of both those “failures.” I got two great kids out of the marriage, and I learned many skills at that job, such as speaking in front of thousands of people, managing virtual teams, and working through confusing management initiatives. All those things have really come in handy.

I took what I could out of those events, then I used what I learned to move forward and make a new life. It’s a great one, actually!

What Does This Mean for YOU?

Well, sometimes our goals for owning property don’t work out the way you hope they will. Maybe circumstances have made it impossible to keep up payments. Maybe you can’t do the upkeep needed to sell a house for top price. Maybe you inherited a property and just can’t do with it what you wanted to. Or maybe you want to buy a house, but can’t get a loan.

Are you a failure? No. Not at all. When things come easy, so many people treat it as luck, and don’t learn a thing from it. But, when things are hard, you have to work to make them better, or you need to get help…then you learn those hard lessons and strive to not repeat what led to the struggle. You’re only a failure if you fail to learn and don’t take the steps needed to move forward.

We would feel privileged if we could help you or someone you know move forward from a difficult housing situation. We like to help people see where things went wrong and create a plan to change things for the better. Give us a call at 512-877-8077. It might send you forward on a path to a better life.