One of our contractors just sent out bids for a small roofing repair on a house we bought from people who suddenly got transferred. He estimated the materials would cost around $212, but the contractor bid $675.

Now, even with labor added, this bid is high. Frank, the contractor, knew this, because he’s a professional. What would YOU do, if you were trying to get a house ready for sale and you got this bid from a reputable roofing contractor? Would  you pay it?

Most of us don’t know what home repairs SHOULD cost, so we just go along with the estimates we get. We could lose lots of profit on our sale that way.

If your house requires LOTS of repairs, consider selling it to us before you spend more money than you need to in fixing it up. You might come ahead in expenses, and you surely would come ahead on the time, effort, and worry that comes from working with various trades people, some of whom may be honest, but some who are genuine scammers.

We aren’t scammers! Phone us at 512-807-8777 to see if we can let you bypass expensive repairs. We are professionals, and we know what things should cost!