Need to sell your house as soon as possible? You may be a bit intimidated by all the home decorating shows  you see, where professional stagers swoop in and install the entire contents of the West Elm, Restoration Hardware, or Wayfair website in the house (the way our buddies the Property Brothers do!). There’s so much trendy and modern stuff in trendy gray and white with “pops” of color. Everything is zig-zag, modern industrial, or covered in granite and sparkling white tile.

You look at your house and see dingy paint, wallpaper from the 90s (or earlier), a stove you can no longer get completely clean after decades of family meals, and bathrooms with either gold fixtures or corroding silver ones. Your sofas are either giant sectionals with sagging cushions or big ole wing chairs and couches with giant flowers on them. You used to love that stuff when it was new! Oops. How are you supposed to stage THAT?

In some markets, buyers won’t even LOOK at a house that doesn’t appear to have been renovated from top to bottom within the last couple of years. Well, for many people, if they had enough money to do that, they wouldn’t be needing to sell their house quickly! And professional stagers usually cost a few thousand dollars, not to mention where all your actual things would go when you’re trying to sell.

Luckily, real estate investors like our Hermit Haus team can see the good bones underneath your house, and can see past furnishings and finishes that have seen better days. It’s true that you won’t make get the inflated retail sales price the Property Brothers would get, but you would get out of the house FAST, without having to bring in contractors to work for months on the house, buy a bunch of furniture, and hope the house sells.

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