We know of a family who was all ready to sell their house, when the inspection occurred. It turned out that many of the “improvements” they’d made over the years were not actually safe, and did not follow current building codes. Now, sure, that’s true of a lot of older homes, and sometimes buyers are OK with it.

However, in this case, the potential buyers looked at the extend of the code violations in the report, and they ended up backing out of the sale. The homeowners turned to us, knowing we could buy the house just as it was, saving them thousands of repair dollars and a lot of time.

One of the kinds of repairs often needed is in this picture. The water heater in this house was set up to where the drainage was improper, and it was damaging the house. Before we sell that house to anyone else, we will bring important systems up to current codes, which will give new buyers peace of mind.

If you’ve had unlicensed contractors make repairs to your house, or you bought a house not knowing about some questionable decisions earlier owners made, consider getting touch with a real estate investor like us in the first place. It can save you time, and time is money!