It’s hot where we live! How about you? Are you living in a house you can’t afford to cool off? That can be devastating to your morale and to your health. If your system isn’t working and you can’t afford to fix it, or if you simply can’t afford the utility bills you have to pay when you run your air conditioner, you do have options.

If you have the money for it, adding insulation pays off. It can lower your electricity bills by a lot.

Or you can see if there are programs in your community where they will give you a discounted rate.

Some places will offer fans–just call your utility company and see if they know of any of these options.

Of course, you can take this time to consider whether you’ll ever be able to get out from under the burden of these bills and obligations. Perhaps the best option would be to let us buy your house from you, and find a less overwhelming option. If that’s what you are thinking about, you can always give us a call at 512-807-8777 and we will talk over the options with you.