There was a bit of a scare yesterday in the little town where our office is located. The main water line for the whole town got broken, and unless you had a well, you suddenly had no water.

It was so dry! The entire town could not flush toilets, wash their hands, take showers, etc. Restaurants had to close, and the grocery store came close to running out of water.

Of course, this was temporary, and the hard-working water department got things back up in time for cooking dinner. But, it’s not that easy for some of us.

Utility bills like water and electricity can become quite a burden if illness or a job loss cuts your ability to earn money. We’ve looked at houses where the owners obviously had their water cut off long ago. Some borrow a hose from a neighbor. Others buy enough bottled water to get by. Still others walk or drive to the nearest convenience store to take care of their needs.

Don’t let this happen to you. Talk to us before your situation gets so bad that your utilities are cut off and you are left high and dry. We might be able to come up with a way for you to sell your house and have some money to meet your needs, or go somewhere with better prospects.