Today I was reading an article about dealing with adversity and the stress it can cause. When bad things are happening around us it’s hard to escape anxiety and sadness.

The author of the article I was reading pointed out that many of us put off happiness, waiting for that “good time” to come. Why can’t we choose to be happy and still deal with the challenges that face us?

Here’s a great example. We just adopted Alfred, a huge dog who was abandoned on our country road during an extreme hot spell. Even when he was so exhausted he could no longer stand up, he was able to show he was happy to have found kind folks who would help him get through his heatstroke and injuries. His attitude won him our admiration and devotion.

We know that dealing with a housing crisis can be very hard. We would be honored to help you find a solution that allows you to deal with whatever your unpleasant reality may be, so that you can enjoy your family, your health, the beauty in the world, and get peace of mind. We have ideas! 512-807-8777.