Those of you following Mandi’s search for a house she could buy, even with no money down and poor credit, here’s the next installment.

So we found our new home! It needs extensive repairs to be livable. The folks who own it have done some and also purchased some of the materials to finish it. We have decided that we need walls and ceilings, plumbing fixtures, and electric to be able to move in. Things like hanging cabinets and installing countertops (besides the ones for the plumbing fixtures) can come later. Painting and floor covering should be done before we move in as well, really. Paint first, then install the flooring. That would work.

But I am already ahead of myself. This house has been vacant for 3 years. So in that time all manner of critters have passed through it. There is evidence of them. So before the contractors can even begin, we have to move all of the supplies that the owners had purchased out. The dining room is full of all kinds of goodies. Some we will let them have back, and others we will need. But cleaning has to happen next. So today is Friday July 28, but you will probably be reading this one day next week. I had a great lady come out and bid for the cleaning job and she got it. She is incredibly reasonable on price, and is going to do some amazing things in there! I can’t wait to see it once she is done! She will be sweeping, cleaning all of the studs and supports and the few walls in the one room that are up, she will be cleaning the subfloors and making it look like it was just built. I may possibly post a before and after of a room. I am not sure yet. You will just have to wait for part 4 to see. There will be pictures of her before and after work, as well as all of the contractors we use and what we do ourselves.

I expect to throw a house warming party in the spring. We should be all moved in and settled by then. That leaves us plenty of time to get our stuff done and welcome everyone to come who have been on this journey with us. Very key people will be there, and people that we know and love as well. I think we may do a video of some highlights of that party. So this series could possibly go until spring. If you are like me and love a series, just keep on reading and liking and sharing.

There I am ahead of myself again, but it is hard not to do that when you are overwhelmed and excited in a way that reaches to your core. Thank you for following along on this journey with us!