Even when we think we have things well in hand, stuff comes up. The car in the photo is a great example. No one expected the feral hog to cross the road right in front of the “new used” van these friends had only had for a month! Let me tell you, hogs are big and quite hard.

All sorts of big, and quite hard events crop up out of nowhere. Sometimes they mean that you need to move, and move quickly, with no time to fix the place up, clean the place out, turn the weeds into a lawn, etc.

This is when companies like ours can be lifesavers. When you are in a hurry, you may not have the time to hold out for “top dollar.” We can talk to you about what we are able to give you, knowing you won’t have to spend the money on improvements. It may be just what you need to get through an accident, disaster, or other sudden change of circumstances.

We also sometimes have houses you can buy, even with poor credit. Talk to us. 512-807-8777.