There’s a lot of pressure in many parts of the US to demonstrate that you’re successful. You need to have a fairly new car. You need to dress in clothing that looks like it came from a designer (or maybe their outlet store), and not anything ending in -Mart. The kids need to go to a good camp every summer and participate in as many after-school sports or lessons as possible. You need to acquire all the same nice stuff the neighbors do. Of course, you need to own your own home, the biggest and nicest one possible, in the best neighborhood.

Sometimes this pressure takes all the fun out of life. You get so busy on the treadmill of acquisition, keeping up with the Joneses (or your local equivalent), that you don’t have any time to enjoy your family, your interests, or your property. You only see the kids when you’re in the car taking them from one event to another, you never get to cook in your gleaming all-white kitchen, and you dread checking the mail, because it will have another bill to pay.

Maybe it’s time to step off the treadmill and start again. And maybe that giant house is holding you on that treadmill and even speeding it up (oh look, property taxes are up AGAIN!). You CAN get off, slow down, and retreat. We know lots of people who just sell their big houses and get something smaller in another area, trade in the fancy cars and get a used one, and start over with a lot less stress and a lot more family togetherness.

If your house isn’t in the condition to sell as soon as you want, let us know. We can discuss options that lead to a fast close, perhaps with savings in time and closing costs that will make up for the lower price you’ll get for the house. Remember, a house that sits on the market three months will not only delay your exit from the rat race, it will accumulate three months of mortgage payments, taxes, insurance and utilities.