Both the companies I work for, Planview and Hermit Haus, have committed to helping the people in the regions most affected by Hurricane Harvey. We lucked out and just got a lot of rain and some broken limbs. Our friends and families were not so lucky.

Our CEO, Lee Bruns, shares how he has been affected by the storm. This is a wonderful story, so I hope you click on it. Lee was born and raised on the Texas coast, spent many years living in Houston, and still owns the family farm his great-grandparents farmed when they arrived in Texas, near Yorktown. He’s connected.

Probably most of our readers know someone who could use some help. If you don’t have money, you can do other things, like volunteer your time, give someone you know who lost their possessions your excess clothing or furnishings…you can think of things. It helps to feel helpful.

We are still here to help you, too, but right now we are thinking of others.