We are just chock full of ethics around here. We want to treat everyone we work with kindly, compassionately, and respectfully.

Of course, we’re people. That means we might make a mistake, offend someone, or hurt their feelings. If we do, we want to know about it, so that we can have a chance to make things right again. We’ve been hearing stories about investors who didn’t even know they’d done anything to offend someone, but were having hurtful stories spread around about them. They had no chance to make things right!

We know that you want to treat people the way you’d want to be treated, too. So, if we mess up somehow, don’t assume we are horrid people out to get you. Assume we are regular people like you, who can sometimes convey the wrong impression or make an unintentional error.

Call us at 512-807-8777 or email us at info@hermithaus.com, and we will talk to you, in person, and work things out respectfully. Do unto others…